Alumni Speaker Event Recap

April 21, 2018

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at Ohio State on football game days?  Can you imagine the amount of manpower and preparation for 100,000 fans?  Trevor Zahara, author of Confessions of an OSU Usher, filled us in on this and more on April 21 at our annual Alumni Speaker Dinner at one of Charleston’s newest taprooms, Rusty Bull Brewing Co.  As guests enjoyed the delicious Southern spread prepared by Pot Belly Cookers, Trevor explained that the entire corps of ushers arrives 6 hours before game time to help with the arrangements.  The band, the concessions staff, the custodial staff, the coaches, the players, and more, are all there preparing for the day.  If you can arrive early, it’s possible to see the TBDBITL’s halftime show.  Also, the team can be seen walking through plays in the greenspace in front of the Blackwell Center where they stay the night before the game.  And who would have thought that the Jumbotron’s operator is tucked away in the basement of St John Arena, never setting foot in the stadium during the game.  He gets his information from his partner in the press box.  Trevor’s book has much more inside information and many more stories. Thanks to Rusty Bull, Pot Belly Cookers and Trevor Zahara for a truly enjoyable evening.