Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Event

Our club participated in the Buckeyes Give Month of Service initiative by volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity build site on March 31.  Twelve of our club members gave up a Saturday afternoon on a holiday weekend to help Miss Peyonda achieve her dream of a house for her and her family.  This wasn’t light trim work or painting by any means.  We were tasked with framing the outside walls, an intimidating task for most of us inexperienced in construction work.  There were three Habitat staff who worked alongside us.  They were very kind and helpful, and really taught us a lot.  We managed to build six walls and get five of them up in a little over three hours.  We all were hot and sweaty at the end of the day but the many laughs and sense of accomplishment made the hard work worthwhile. I would call the day a big success and want to thank all the volunteers who attended.  We showed the Charleston community our Buckeye Pride!